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Obama Delivers Cake But No Veep News

From CBS News' Michelle Levi:

(YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO) - "Good to see you guys. So everybody's a taker on cake?" an exuberant Barack Obama said to his traveling press corps on his campaign plane tonight as his 47th birthday wound down.

He described the gift he received form his daughters, the tie he was wearing, and joked that members of his staff forgot his present. A staff member had "my gift in the trunk of a cab. It's somewhere in Chicago. They insist it was a great present. I'm not sure there was ever actually a present."

Obama explained how he celebrated his birthday with his family Sunday.

"We drove out to the girls' godparents who cooked and I just sat around in a lounge chair on the lawn and drank a beer. The girls took out their iPod and played Beyonce and the Jonas Brothers and danced ...I just watched them...and I had more beer."

Asked about the girls' interest in the Jonas Brothers, the weary father said, "they seem wholesome enough." He explained the girl's disappointment after learning that the Democratic convention would be held the same night at the band's Chicago concert -- and they would be expected to be in Denver that night.

Turning to the campaign, Obama admitted to liking the excitement of big rallies compared to smaller town hall meetings.

"I think that our ability to inspire voters and generate interest and excitement in the political process, I think that's a powerful tool. I think the fact that McCain's camp tries to make that into a weakness, as opposed to a strength, is clever politics but it doesn't understand the degree to which we're going to have to have a different kind of politics where people are excited and interested in their government if we're going to tackle some of these problems. "

And the million dollar question: Any VP news?

Obama teased a reporter who asked the hot topic question saying, "I'm not going to answer your question, but I'm going to consider - I'm going to consider the question. And maybe tomorrow I'll think about it some more. No I - I told you, until I introduce my VP nominee, you're not going to pry anything out of me."