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Obama Campaigns in Virginia; Still No Running Mate

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

(GREENSBORO, N.C.) Barack Obama has spent most of the week fueling speculation surrounding his choice for vice president, but both he and his campaign remain mum about the selection process. He'll spend the next two days in Virginia, the home of Gov. Tim Kaine, however his aides say the visit is unrelated to the veep announcement.

"The states we are in today and every day are states that are battlegrounds we believe we can win," senior strategist Robert Gibbs said this morning.

Perhaps trying to avoid questions about his running mate, Barack Obama has not spoken to his traveling press corps since returning from Hawaii. In fact, Obama has not held a press conference in almost two weeks. Thus far, he has stuck to promise not to talk to reporters about his veep until he makes a formal announcement.

"Next time you hear from me about the vice presidential selection process will be when I have selected a vice president," he has repeatedly said over the course of the summer.

At a town hall meeting in Raleigh last night, Obama described his ideal running mate after a voter asked him how he will utilize his V.P.

"I want somebody who has integrity, who's in politics for the right reasons, I want somebody who is independent," Obama said, "Somebody who is able to say to me, 'you know what, Mr. President I think you're wrong on this and here's why' and will give me who will help me think through major issues and consult with me, would be a key advisor."

Noticeably absent from his long answer was the pronoun, "she." "I won't hand over my energy policy to my vice president, without knowing necessarily what he's doing.... he won't be one of these fourth branches of government."

Was this a hint of what's to come, or just a slip of the tongue?