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Obama Camp Reacts to Palin Speech

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

(HARRISBURG, PA.) Barack Obama campaign senior adviser David Axelrod stepped up criticism of Sarah Palin's convention speech by suggesting that she's playing political games.

"She's a skilled politician as she proved last night," Axelrod said this morning.

"For someone who makes the point that she's not from Washington, she looks very much like she'd fit in very well there."

Axelrod disputed the facts of Palin's speech, and said that her slight of Obama's work as a community organizer does not concern the campaign.

"Frankly I think it was lost on a lot of people," Axelrod said adding that the campaign will not respond to Palin's attacks any differently because she is a woman. "On blatant distortions of fact, we're more than happy to respond to her or anyone."

The consensus within the Obama camp appears to that Palin accomplished what she needed to last night and that she excited the Republican base, but going forward, they haven't quite figured out if she is the game-changer in this election.

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