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Obama Ad: Clinton "Pandering" On Gas Tax

In a story out this morning, we detail how Barack Obama is looking to position himself as the anti-panderer in the presidential race. Obama has staked out a position opposing the suspension of the gas tax this summer, a move that John McCain and Hillary Clinton favor.

Now Obama's campaign has released an ad in Indiana, "Pennies," explicitly suggesting that Clinton is engaged in "political pandering" on the issue.

"Another negative ad from Hillary Clinton," an announcer says as the 30-second spot opens. "But here's what she's not saying. USA Today calls her three-month gas tax holiday 'political pandering.' It's an election year-gimmick, saving Hoosiers just pennies a day."

The announcer goes on to detail Obama's plan: "Take on price-gouging by oil companies. Tax their windfall profits. Invest in alternative energy. Give working families a permanent, thousand-dollar tax cut to help with rising costs."

Watch it: