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Oakland Man Throws Toddler into Traffic, Say Police


OAKLAND, Calif. (CBS/KCBS) A 21-year-old Oakland man was arrested Saturday after an off-duty police officer witnessed the man allegedly shake his two-year-old daughter before he threw the girl in front of a moving car.

Police say the officer saw the suspect, who was later identified as John Taylor Jr., yelling in the middle of the street around 5:39 p.m, said the San Francisco Chronicle.

Taylor then allegedly picked up his daughter, forcefully shook her and threw her into oncoming traffic. The toddler was hit by a car, but avoided major injuries, said CBS affiliate KCBS.

Neighbors tried to stop passing cars to ask for help.

The off-duty police officer went to aide the young child as Taylor allegedly took off on foot. The officer then, according to the Chronicle, flagged down a nearby motorist and found Taylor a block away from where the incident occurred. Taylor was apparently quarreling with several motorists who had stopped to help.

Once the off-duty police officer arrived, police say the suspect began to attack him, reported the Chronicle. Oakland police officers arrived shortly after and subdued the suspect, who was still combative, with a Taser.

According to the family, the suspect suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome. He was charged with assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and child endangerment, reports KCBS.

The toddler survived and is at home with her mother.

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