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NYSE glitch sends Berkshire Hathaway shares down nearly 100%

6/3: CBS Morning News
6/3: CBS Morning News 20:15

The New York Stock Exchange on Monday said it had resolved a technical problem that has Class A shares of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway seemingly down almost 100%. 

The issue prompted trading to be halted in Berkshire's A-class shares, along with about a dozen other companies, including Barrick Gold and Nuscale Power, both of which also showed faulty and steep declines. Trading continued in Berkshire's B-class shares.

The trouble arose shortly after the opening bell, impacting the likes of Chipotle Mexican Grill, Abbott Laboratories and other stocks. A list of impacted stocks can be seen here.

"A technical issue involving industrywide price bands published by the Consolidated Tape Association's Securities Information Processor triggered 'limit-up/limit down' trading halts on up to 40 symbols listed on NYSE Group exchanges. Shortly before noon, the issue was resolved and trading in the impacted stocks resumed," a spokesperson for the exchange said in an email. "The NYSE is reviewing potentially impacted trades."

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