NYC Motorcycle Attack Update: Reginald Chance, suspect in biker-SUV confrontation, indicted by grand jury, released on bond

Black SUV driven by Alexian Lien, 33, is seen surrounded by motorcyclists who police say followed Lien and eventually pulled him from his car and beat him.
Bikes seen surrounding SUV on West Side Highway on September 29, 2013

(CBS/AP) NEW YORK - Reginald Chance, the biker who authorities said was caught on video smashing the driver's side window of an SUV in a motorcycle road rage incident last month, has been indicted by a grand jury, CBS New York reports.

Chance, 37, was released on bond Friday. The charges have not been disclosed.

Chance was arraigned Sunday on gang assault and other charges. Authorities said he is seen on YouTube video smashing the Range Rover's window with his helmet just before the driver, Alexian Lien, was dragged out and beaten.

Chance's lawyer has said they will "hotly contest those allegations." He is due back in court on Oct. 30, reports the station.

Meanwhile, undercover NYPD detectiveWojciech Braszczok, who is also accused of being a key player in the attack, has opted to testify before a grand jury in February, according to the station.

Braszczok is one of at least three NYPD officers who were part of the motorcycle group involved in the Sept. 29 attack on Lien and his family who were inside an SUV driving along the Henry Hudson Parkway in Manhattan when the confrontation was sparked.

Prosecutors said video shows Braszczok punching out the back window of Lien's SUV. His lawyer says Braszczok never came in contact with Lien or his family and took no part in the assault.

Another suspect, Clint Caldwell, also made a court appearance Friday where he too decided he would testify before a grand jury. That proceeding is scheduled for next week, reports the station.

Caldwell was arraigned Wednesday on charges of assault and gang assault. Police said Caldwell pulled Lien from the SUV. His attorney said prosecutors were mistaking his client for another biker, according to the station.

On Thursday, a seventh biker was arraigned in the case.

James Kuehne was released on $200,000 bond after being charged with gang assault and other offenses. He didn't enter a plea.

Defense lawyer Joseph Mure Jr. says Kuehne has worked as a plumber for 13 years. He said there is evidence that will exonerate his client.

"I promise you as this case goes on, we're going to hear things that took place that are a lot different from what's on that video," Mure said. "Things are not always what they seem to be."

The melee seriously injured at least one biker and left Lien, a 33-year-old father, beaten in the street.

Police say the incident, which was recorded on a helmet-mounted camera and later posted to YouTube, was touched off when a biker slowed down and bumped Lien's Range Rover. Video captured at the scene shows Lien surrounded by dozens of helmeted riders before he takes off and strikes one. The bikers give chase and Lien is eventually stopped, pulled from the SUV and beaten.

Some of the bikers involved in the incident are now claiming Lien, knowingly or not, instigated the confrontation off-camera earlier by clipping one of the bikes involved in the rally.

Attorney Gloria Allred, representing Edwin Mieses Jr., the biker who was seriously injured, claims Lien bumped another motorcycle while changing lanes on the highway 2 to 3 miles before his SUV knocked into biker Christopher Cruz.

Cruz, 28, was arraigned last week on misdemeanor charges of reckless driving and unlawful imprisonment.

Since his arrest, he has insisted he looked over at the driver only to change lanes and didn't deliberately slow down. He didn't see any prior interaction that may have happened between the SUV and the motorcyclists, said his attorney, H. Benjamin Perez.

Lien hasn't been charged with a crime and hasn't spoken publicly about the case. His wife, who was in the SUV with him and their 2-year-old child, has blamed the bikers for putting the family in "grave danger."

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