NYC brokerage rewards employees who get tattooed

Rapid Realty NYC CEO Anthony Lolli with an employee of the firm sporting a tattoo of the firm's logo. The company offers higher commissions to workers who get inked with the logo.
Rapid Realty NYC

NEW YORK Getting tattooed with the company logo is all the rage at one New York City brokerage firm.

The reward? A 15 percent bump in commissions in exchange for sporting a tattoo.

Anthony Lolli, founder and CEO of Rapid Realty NYC, says about 45 employees have gotten inked with the logo in the past two years.He says workers, who do not earn a salary and work strictly on commission, are "passionate about the brand.''

"It's not like we ask them to do it," Solli says. "They call us and say, 'We're down at the tattoo shop.' They won't do it unless I'm there -- I go to every one."

Lolli started the policy a year and a half ago after one employee got the tattoo to prove his company loyalty.

The franchise has offices throughout New York City. Lolli says the company may soon be featured in a reality show that would depict New Yorkers apartment hunting.

Not all of Rapid Realty NYC's workers sound eager to get branded. "You can find other ways to get a raise without getting a tattoo," said one Manhattan employee of the firm.