NY Student, 13, Dies after Being Hit by Baseball

Brady Lee Frazier

A 13-year-old student from upstate New York died five days after suffering a head injury suffered while practicing with his school's baseball team, the Watertown Daily Times reports.

Brady Lee Frazier, an eight grader at St. Regis Falls, was hit in the head by a line drive during a practice session on Saturday.

The newspaper reported that several posts on Facebook suggest the 13-year-old pitcher was injured while pitching to varsity baseball players - which would violate state athletic regulations.

Frazier played baseball, soccer, golf, and basketball, according to CBS affiliate WWNY in Watertown. His father called him a "happy kid."

Frazier's death comes less than two months after a California teen was nearly killed in a similar circumstance on the baseball field.

Gunnar Sandberg, a 16-year-old pitcher for Marin Catholic High School, was struck by a line drive and left in a coma for weeks. The incident prompted the Marin County Athletic League to suspend the use of metal bats.

Sandburg is still wearing a helmet that covers the hole in his skull that surgeons opened up to prevent brain damage, according to CBS Station KPIX. His brain had begun to swell after he was hit in the head during a game on March 11th.

It's not clear if metal bats were used in the incident that killed Frazier.

Metal bats already are banned in schools in New York City and North Dakota.

  • Stephen Smith

    Stephen Smith is a senior editor for CBSNews.com