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N.Y. man drops 198 pounds in just 10 months

FULTON, N.Y. - A little healthy competition has helped Jay Wornick not only keep his New Year's resolution, but completely obliterate it.

According to the Post-Standard of Syracuse, Wornick's wife, Angela, challenged him in a weight loss battle. The loser would have to get the other person's name tattooed on them. With the prospect having to be inked permanently looming over his head, the 30-year-old went from 366 pounds on Jan. 1 to an astounding 168 pounds on Nov. 7.

"I never thought I'd be able to stay with it, but I have not cheated in over 10 months, not once," Jay told the Post-Standard. "I've turned it into my lifestyle. It's not a diet. To me, it's just how I live now."

Before, Wornick told the publication he used to scarf down a 20-ounce steak and three potatoes or two pizzas and chase that 12 to 14 Mountain Dew cans a day. He and his wife estimate he was averaging about 7,000 to 8,000 calories a day. Now, he chows down on high-fiber foods, fruits and vegetables, lean meats and water, a modest 1,500 to 2,000 calories a day diet.

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Part of Wornick's regiment includes works out two hours a day, six days a week at the YMCA near his residence. "The Y has been a huge support system for me," Jay told the paper. "They're very friendly and welcoming, very helpful."

According to his wife, the best part about her husband's new lifestyle is that he's more active with their three children. "We went camping for the first time this summer," she told the Post-Standard. "He's able to swim and play with them, to run around and throw a ball. He had never been active with us before."

Angela Wornick, who is studying to be a registered nurse, will keep her end of the bargain and get her husband's name tattooed on her back. Even though he didn't have to, the weight-loss wonder decided to get some permanent ink to celebrate their union as well. He had his wedding band tattooed since the ring had become too big for his now-skinny fingers.