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N.Y. boy's message in a bottle found in Azores

BROCKPORT, N.Y. - A 10-year-old upstate New York boy's message in a bottle dropped in the Atlantic as part of a school project has been retrieved across the ocean in the Azores.

Curtis Kipple of Adams Basin, west of Rochester, wrote a letter in March along with his fellow fourth graders at the Fred W. Hill School in Brockport. The bottles were dropped into the Gulf Stream, 30 miles off shore, by a fisherman from North Carolina's Outer Banks. Kipple told The Democrat and Chronicle of Rochester that he wrote about how he liked to play football with his father and loved video games.

The school received a return email this week from a tiny fishing village named Terceira in the Azores archipelago off Portugal, about 2,600 miles from Brockport.

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The email said the bottle was found by a father and son out fishing.

Kipple's bottle was not the first found in his class, but it traveled the farthest. Another bottle sent by his classmate, Adam VerSteeg, was found in Clam Harbour, Nova Scotia.