36 nurses ​pregnant ​at Kansas City hospital this year​ ​

36 nurses pregnant at Kansas City hospital

Kansas City is experiencing a mini baby-boom and ground zero is Children's Mercy Hospital. At one time this year, 36 nurses who work in the neonatal intensive-care unit were pregnant.

So far, there have been 21 deliveries — 19 boys and two girls — and 15 more to come. Every day, these nurses help save the lives of critically ill infants, bringing their families immeasurable joy.

"I think being a mom has given me a whole new perspective and now when I take care of a baby I really do... I know what that mom and dad feel like and this baby is their whole world," said Sarah Carbaneau, a NICU nurse.

Now, these moms and moms-to be-are experiencing that same joy.  The angels of Mercy Hospital are delivering the gift of life.

At one time this year, a group of 36 nurses at Children's Mercy Hospital were all pregnant. Children's Mercy Hospital
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