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Nude man shaves on Mass. beach, and that's not allowed

It might not look like a naked man shaving at Salisbury Beach, Mass. would bother anyone, but allegedly he broke the law Wikipedia

(CBS/AP) SALISBURY, Mass. - A man is facing several charges after lifeguards say he refused to stop shaving himself while nude on a Massachusetts beach.

He apparently was shaving too close for comfort... for other people.

The Eagle Tribune reports that Christopher Axford was arrested Monday on a beach in Salisbury, northeast of Boston. According to a police report, when officers arrived the 45-year-old was shaving his armpits (stay with us) while his shorts were pulled down to his shins.

Axford, who police said is homeless, was charged with lewd, wanton and lascivious conduct, public drinking and disorderly conduct, and was released on personal recognizance.

Less than 12 hours after his release, Axford was arrested again on charges he stole a tip jar from a pizzeria.

He's being held without bail pending a pretrial hearing scheduled for Aug. 31.