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NRCC Buys Newspaper Attack Ads Against 19 House Dems

The National Republican Congressional Committee is targeting 19 House Democrats in a series of newspaper ads attacking them for voting to cut Medicare for seniors.

The ads will be going up within the next two weeks in small community newspapers – all with circulations under 6,000. They cite the Democrats’ vote on SCHIP – which would expand health insurance for uninsured children – because the House version cuts private Medicare Advantage plans.

The ads state that, under the legislation, seniors “could lose preventative care, face higher out-of pocket costs for hospital stays and pay more for prescription drugs.”

“Steve Kagen voted to cut Medicare for seniors,” the ad against Kagen is headlined. “Call Steve today and ask him why he favors drastic Medicare cuts for seniors.”

The ads are running against the following members: Reps. Jason Altmire (Pa.), Melissa Bean (Ill.), Chris Carney (Pa.), Gabrielle Giffords (Ariz.), Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.), John Hall (N.Y.), Darlene Hooley (Ore.), Steve Kagen (Wis.), Nick Lampson (Texas), Jim Matheson (Utah), Jerry McNerney (Calif.), Harry Mitchell (Ariz.), Dennis Moore (Kansas), Ciro Rodriguez (Texas), Carol Shea-Porter (N.H.), Zack Space (Ohio), Bart Stupak (Mich.), and Tim Walz (Minn.).

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