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Not Really In The Race

Two weeks ago, I announced that I was forming my own exploratory committee; first, because everyone else seemed to be doing it, and second, I noticed that, they they did, people seemed to send them lots of money.

I vowed at the time to explore everything from running for office to the "Admiral Byrd going off to the South Pole" kind of exploring. And I promised only one thing: To keep the money.

Well, the response has been humbling.

Steve in Atlanta sent in a dollar and asked to be remembered as an early supporter.

William in Maryland said he wanted to add his two cents' worth and sent exactly that amount.

Gordon in Oklahoma sent a dollar with strings literally attached.

Phil in St. Paul encouraged the South Pole thing

Frank in Fort Worth promised an Italian coin, since I said one of the things I might consider exploring was running for president of Italy. David in Mississippi promised to visit me in Italy if I did get elected president there.

I must also report that some kind souls out there apparently thought I was serious and sent in money, too. In all, we raised about $200.

While I am flattered, it is with a heavy heart I tell you I'm not really running for anything. It was fun while it lasted, but the exploratory committee is closing down, and we will send back the money.

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