North Californians brace for big storm no. 3

by Carter Evans

People in northern California just can't catch a break. The third big storm in four days is bearing down on the region Saturday night. Rivers in the area have a history of dangerous flash flooding as those who live along their banks know all too well. We begin our coverage in Guerneville.

Throughout northern California, the ground is soaked, the creeks are full, and the rivers are on the rise.

"I've never seen it this high, even during the spring," said one person.

California braces for more stormy weather
Calif. storm brings intense rain, flood warnings

The Truckee River is fast nearing flood stage. Residents are racing to fill sandbags and to clean storm drains. One near Sacramento wasn't cleared fast to save the home of Michael Jimenez

"I mean, we had an unbelievable amount of rain coming down," he said.

In California's wine country, when the water gets this high along the Russian River, people get worried.

"It happens so many times and it does come like clockwork," said Victoria Daly. Her family knows how dangerous the river can be. The Russian River has seen severe flooding in the past -- the worst, in 1986, when the entire town of Guerneville was under several feet of water.

Daly said her home is always one of the first to flood. "We've done it so many times, we're prepared. We're ready for it," she said.

Forecasters say the Russian River Valley could see up to seven inches of rain over the weekend. And there's concern that Guerneville could be under water again by Monday morning.