NJ cop beaten in brawl caught on tape after Winter Classic hockey game

(CBS/KYW/AP) PHILADELPHIA - Police in Philadelphia are seeking the public's help identifying three men involved in a fight between Flyers and Rangers fans outside a cheesesteak shop following Monday's Winter Classic hockey game.

The fight was recorded on a cell phone and initially put on YouTube, but later taken down because it was considered too shocking and violent, reports CBS Philadelphia. However, Philadelphia police on Wednesday released an edited version of the video, which ends with a Rangers fan lying stunned on the street.

Police say the brawl began with some Flyers fans stopping a window-washer who happened to be passing by, reports CBS Philadelphia.

Capt. Laurence Nodiff with the Philadelphia Police Department reportedly explained that they, "Gave him a couple bucks and said, 'Hey go over to those Rangers fans and squirt some water in their faces.' Apparently, he goes over and squirts some water and they jump up and the guy runs away."

Investigators say the rival fans got into a verbal dispute that quickly became physical after a man in a Flyers jersey threw the first punch. Two other men join in the fight, which also involves a second Rangers fan.

One of the men who was beaten is an off-duty Woodbridge, NJ police officer, reports CBS New York. He was reportedly taken to a local hospital and required stitches to close his wounds. He's now recovering at his home in New Jersey