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NFLer proposes through mail, wants ring returned

Wide receiver Roy Williams (11) of the Dallas Cowboys in a 2008 file photo. Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Cowboys wide receiver Roy Williams sure dropped the ball with his recent marriage proposal.

According to the Odessa American, Williams is suing his ex-girlfriend, former 2009 Miss Texas USA Brooke Daniels, in order to get a $76,000 engagement ring he gave her.

Only, he didn't exactly give it to her. He mailed it to her.

According to the Odessa American: "In an affidavit signed by Williams, he claims he sent $5,000 for school and dental bills, a baseball for Daniels' brother and -- as a surprise -- a recorded marriage proposal with the ring through the mail just before Valentine's Day to Daniels. However, when Daniels declined the proposal, she did not return the ring."

Read the affidavit

Ouch. We're not sure what is worse - Daniels dissing the proposal and keeping the ring or Williams proposing marriage via the United States Postal Service.

Not surprisingly, Williams doesn't want to talk about it.

"It's a non-issue," he told ESPN on Wednesday.

Apparently he's right because Daniels' father, Michael Daniels, says that he has the ring and it will be returned to Williams.

"I want to wash my hands of it," Michael Daniels, who is named as a defendant, told the Odessa American. "It's just a hassle. I'll take care of my daughter. I don't need him."

But, for the record, the beauty queen's dad claims Williams didn't want the ring back, even after Daniels decided she didn't want to marry him.

"He said to her, 'I'm not like a lot of people, I don't want the ring back. You'll eventually come back to me,' and she didn't."

No word on whether the ring will be returned first-class or priority delivery.