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News On Climate Change Still Dreary

This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
I have a headache. The reason? I just read the New York Times story about the big climate change meeting in Paris. The story is not in the paper yet but you can find it online. The scientists will conclude that yes, the planet is warming up and that they are 90 percent certain that the main culprit is human-caused emissions.

My head hurts because the news comes as no surprise. The evidence has been building for a long time. Do you think maybe there should be some government action in response? Could we go back and say, "my bad, let's sign the Kyoto Accords?" Or could we really get serious about emissions standards?

The polar caps are melting, glaciers are shrinking and the United States can't quite get around to deciding whether or not it ought to cap emissions. Bad for business, you know. But consider this: What will be more expensive – the cost of a clean environment or the cost to keep the oceans out of our front yards?

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By Harry Smith