New Wrinkle In Elizabeth Smart Case

The parents of Elizabeth Smart announced a new reward Monday for information about their missing 14-year-old daughter and asked for help in their search for a handyman known only as "Emanuel."

The parents released a sketch of "Emanuel," a man they said worked around their home two years ago. The late Richard Ricci - who remains a suspect in the June 5, 2002, abduction - was also a handyman who worked for the Smarts.

Elizabeth's sister, Mary Katharine, came to her parents recently and said "Emanuel" bore some resemblance to the man who took Elizabeth from their room at gunpoint eight months ago.

Elizabeth's parents, Ed and Lois Smart, announced a new reward of $10,000 for anyone who comes forward with information that exonerates Ricci. Ed Smart explained that he wants to flush out any information about the abduction, even if tips rule out the police's top suspect.

The latest reward is in addition to an existing $45,000 reward for information about the kidnapping, plus a $250,000 reward for Elizabeth's safe return.

Ricci suffered a spontaneous cerebral hemorrhage in his prison cell in August and later died. Ricci, who was not charged in the disappearance, was in prison for a parole violation and maintained his innocence in the Smart case.

Salt Lake City police still consider him their top suspect and are seeking information on his whereabouts between May 30 and June 8.

The Smarts said "Emanuel" did some work at their home in November 2001. They described him as white and around 50 years old, with dark brown hair.

By Debbie Hummel