New Video: Somali Militant Commander Calls on Muslim Youths to Join the Fighting in Somalia

(Mujahideen Shabab Movement)
A masked Arabic speaking man identified as a commander of the Somali militant group the Mujahideen Shabab Movement called on Muslims to join the "jihad" front in Somalia in a new video posted on the Internet by the group's "media department." "Rise up from your seats and join the caravan of the protectors of Tawheed, in the forests of glory and dignity and be among those who raise the black banner in Somalia for the first time after the invasion of the Abyssinians," said the man whose name is Saleh al-Nabhani Abu Yucef according to the 24-minute video. Yucef also sent his greetings to al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. The tape appears to have been was produced last June, as the speaker referred to the death of former Shabab leader Adem Hashi Ayro, who was killed in May, as taking place a month earlier.