New video released in Baltimore PD death

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BALTIMORE -- Whatever broke Freddie Gray's neck, it was not the only thing that led to his death.

On Friday, Baltimore police admitted that officers turned a deaf ear to Gray's pleas for help. Six officers have been suspended and the mayor is demanding more transparency from a police department under growing scrutiny.

Baltimore deputy police commissioner Kevin Davis confirmed Friday that Freddie Gray, who was taken into custody after fleeing from police had already been injured before he was carried to the police van.

"And quite frankly that's exactly where Freddie Gray should have received medical attention," said Davis. "He did not."

He may have been further injured during a circuitous 30 minute ride to the police station.

"We know he was not buckled in the transportation wagon as he should have been," said Police Commissioner Anthony Batts. "No excuses for that, period. We know our police employees failed to get him medical attention in a timely manner, multiple times."

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The commissioner says his injury may also have been aggravated at three stops along the way including the first one where Gray was taken out of the van and placed in leg irons, or it could have happened at the third stop.

"Mr. Gray is talking there," said Batts. "They pick him up off the floor and place him on the seat, at that time. He says he needs a medic, I think is the terminology."

His request was denied. By the time he reached the police station he was no longer breathing. Officers called an ambulance.

Batts said police can't reveal everything they've learned.

"What you see us tap dancing on and balancing here is that if someone harmed Freddie Gray, we are going to have to prosecute them. And so giving too much information to you on the front here may jeopardize that prosecution."

Large protests are expected over the weekend and Freddie Gray's funeral is scheduled for Monday. The results of an investigation are due to be released next Friday.

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