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New Scandal At Air Force Academy

About half the cadets interviewed about cheating on a recent exam admitted to some form of wrongdoing, the Air Force Academy said Tuesday.

Officials last week interviewed about 70 freshmen about cheating on a certification test. Additional interviews were conducted over the weekend.

In all, about half admitted to not following the school's honor code, academy spokesman Johnny Whitaker said. He declined to release an exact number. There are 1,150 freshmen at the academy.

The academy forbids cheating and requires anyone who knows about cheating to report it.

Students must pass the test to be certified as cadets. The 25-question exam covers various military concepts. Officials began investigating after noticing statistical inconsistencies on certain answers.

Students who violate the code could be expelled, asked to resign or placed on probation.

"If there's enough evidence or a statement of guilt, it will go on to the formal sanctions process," Whitaker said.

In 1965, 109 cadets resigned or were expelled in a cheating scandal. Cheating scandals also occurred in 1967 and 1984.