New Jersey Teen, Paige Pfefferle, Accused of Fatally Stabbing High School Sweetheart Matthew Hus

Matthew Hus and Paige Pfefferle (Personal Photo)
New Jersey Teen Paige Pfefferle Accused of Stabbing High School Sweetheart Matthew Hus
Matthew Hus and Paige Pfefferle (Personal Photo)

AUDUBON PARK, N.J. (CBS) A high-school-sweetheart love story has ended in death after a 19-year-old allegedly stabbed her longtime boyfriend near his heart during a late night argument.

Paige Pfefferle, who claims her boyfriend Matthew Hus' death was an accident, was arraigned Tuesday on murder charges and is being held on $500,000 bail, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

According to authorities, the high-school sweethearts were believed to be arguing around 2 a.m. on Saturday when Pfefferle grabbed a knife from the kitchen counter and pulled it on her 21-year-old boyfriend because she wanted to "scare" him.

Except Pfeferle claims that when Hus turned to face her "he turned into the knife."

Unfortunately for the former cheerleader and sophomore at La Salle University, the autopsy told a different story. It appeared that Hus had been stabbed once in the chest in a thrusting, downward motion puncturing the ex-football player's aorta, the Inquirer reported.

"It's just a tragedy," said Pfefferle's attorney, Jaime Kaigh.

A tragedy that authorities believe was unprovoked because there is no apparent evidence to suggest that Pfefferle had been assaulted prior to the stabbing.

Mike Borman, a long time friend of Hus', claims that Pfefferle was confrontational throughout the relationship, but that Hus was not the type of person to retaliate.

"Matt was a really big dude," Borman told The Philadelphia Inquirer. "He never hit her or anything like that. They were always arguing, but he would have never done anything to her."