Christie chimes in on chances Biden will run for president

Speculation over Vice President Joe Biden's possible presidential bid continues to run rampant, and Republican candidates are eager to know whether he will become another Democratic opponent.

CBS News spoke with GOP candidate Chris Christie in his home in Mendam, New Jersey, and asked whether the state's governor thinks Biden will run. Christie, a close friend of the vice president, said Biden has "always wanted to be president."

"I know he's always wanted to be president and we've spoken about it. He's run twice before. So in one sense, for a guy who's always wanted to be president, now that he's one step away from it, it's hard for me to imagine him not doing it," said Christie.

Still, Christie expressed some doubt because of Biden's recent loss of his son, Beau.

"I know how much he loved Beau. And I know that Beau was where all his hopes and dreams for the future resided. And I just don't know as a father, having lost that son, that he is ready emotionally do it."

Biden raised eyebrows Tuesday when he boasted of his integral role in international affairs - sounding more like a presidential contender than simply the vice president.

He said that, while John Kerry is a great secretary of state and Hillary Clinton was, as well, sometimes only the vice president can speak for the president.

Biden also appeared to revise his version of how he supported the raid to capture or kill Osama bin Laden. Biden originally said he told the president to wait seven more days, but on Tuesday, Biden said he told the president to go forward with the raid.