N.H. woman could face charges after underage drinking party

The Pelham, N.H. home where a woman allegedly held a party for minors who became "highly intoxicated" on Saturday, June 14, 2014

CBS Boston

PELHAM, N.H. - An underage drinking party at a home in New Hampshire has the alleged hostess -- a 47-year-old mother -- in trouble, reports CBS Boston.

An angry parent called 911 after he showed up at the Pelham home looking for his son on Saturday.

"He asked to speak to the adult in charge," said Pelham Police Sgt. Anne Perriello.

"There was a female that approached him at the door, invited him in, asked him if he wanted to join the party, he exchanged a few words with her," said Sgt. Perriello.

The police have identified the woman as 47-year-old Sandra Whiting, who was hosting a graduation party for her niece, according to CBS Boston.


Police say at least 35 minors were in the home. The parent who called 911 reportedly stopped at least two impaired teenagers from driving away.

Police say they found five large bags of empty alcohol bottles and cans that were hidden in the basement, along with a funnel, a marijuana grinder, a glass bong and a marijuana joint, according to the station.

Investigators reportedly had to get a search warrant because the homeowner and her family would not let them in. They found several minors sleeping in the attic and the living room, CBS Boston reported.

"You could smell alcohol and marijuana emitting from the house," said Sgt. Perriello. "They were highly intoxicated when we were speaking with them."

Some guests reportedly tried to jump out of windows and flee when police arrived but officers set up a perimeter. They also used license plates to track down parents and told them to pick up their kids.

Kathy Koch says her 16-year-old son was at the party. "He just said it was really crazy," said Koch.

"I don't think they were doing anything that he hasn't seen before. You send them off and you hope they come back safe and the last thing I would do is supply alcohol or anything like that to kids," said Koch.

Some of the minors will be cited and police say the party host will be arrested this week, reports the station.