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New developments in deadly South Carolina police shooting

Officer under arrest for shooting death of unarmed black man met with his wife and mother Friday
New details surface about S.C. police officer Michael Slager 02:00

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. -- A wake was held Friday in South Carolina for Walter Scott, who was shot and killed last Saturday by North Charleston police officer Michael Slager. His funeral will be Saturday.

Now fired and charged with murder, Slager remains at the Charleston County Detention Center, awaiting a bond hearing. His attorney says the ex-cop is being held in an isolation unit, for his own protection.

On Friday, Slager's wife Jamie -- who is eight-and-a-half-months pregnant -- and his mother, Karen Sharpe, were able to see him for the first time since he was charged. Sharpe told CBS News she's worried.

Karen Sharpe (left), mother of former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager, and Jamie Slager, his wife (second from right), visit him at the Charleston County Detention Center on Friday, April 10, 2015, in Charleston, S.C. CBS News

"He's a wonderful person, he's very sharing, very caring. He and his wife are having a baby very shortly," Sharpe said.

"I'm anxious about that -- he won't be there for the birth, so I'm worried about her," Sharpe continued. "This is not how you would think it would ever be."

Dash cam video shows routine traffic stop before fatal shooting 03:17

When she first heard that Slager was going to be charged with murder, Sharpe said, she couldn't believe it.

"I was shocked, just -- just shocked," Sharpe said. "I couldn't imagine this of Michael."

Meanwhile, a new complaint was filed Friday against Slager and two other officers for a traffic stop in August 2014.

The complaint alleges Slager yelled "Watch out, I'm going to Tase," then used his Taser on the driver, who was already restrained. Messages left for police and Slager's lawyer seeking comment were not returned.

Investigators met Friday with the man who was in the car with Scott Saturday morning when Slager pulled him over. The man told investigators he did not want them to reveal his identity.

Analyzing the video: What went wrong in fatal S.C. shooting? 02:43

During the initial traffic stop, Scott told Slager he had just purchased the Mercedes the officer had pulled over.

Dennis Nye, Scott's boss, corroborated that story. He told CBS News that Scott, a forklift driver at his warehouse, gave him a ride and said he had just bought it from a neighbor.

"He said he just got engaged and he's about to get married to his longtime girlfriend," Nye said. "He said he was happy and he was ready to settle down."

Earlier this week, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division said Slager could face the death penalty if convicted on murder charges.

CBS News researchers discovered in South Carolina, the death penalty may be imposed only if there is an aggravating circumstance -- if, for instance, the victim was a child, or the murder happened during a robbery.

It appears, in this case, the maximum penalty is life without parole.

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