New Ad: "Count All The Votes" in Florida And Michigan

Just ahead of tomorrow's meeting of the Democratic National Committee's rules committee to decide how to count the delegates from Florida and Michigan – states that were punished by the DNC for moving their primaries forward on the calendar – a group headed by Hillary Clinton donors has begin running an ad calling for the full delegations from both states to be seated.

The New York Times reports that the group, Count The Votes Cast, formed a political action committee this week. Their 30-second spot, running in Washington, D.C. and on CNN, shows five founding members of the group talking straight into the camera.

"We are Democrats," they say in the spot. "We care about what happens in November. We urge the Democratic National Committee to seat all of the delegates from Florida and Michigan. There's no question about the validity of votes, it's whether they'll count. After 2000, how can any Democrat support votes not being counted? Count all the votes. Not to do so will fracture the party and bring disaster in November."

Watch it: