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Never Be Late Again: 9 Ways to Make It Happen

For the perpetually tardy it sounds like mission impossible -- reform your ways and never be late for an appointment again. But now that you've left behind your lazy college days and joined the working world, the inability to be on time can have a serious impact on your career. So can it you transform yourself into a punctual person?

Awesomely named blog Dumb Little Man thinks it's possible. In a post written by the habitually late child of a habitually late father, the blog lays out the case that there are ways to become more punctual, even if your inability to be on time feels like a deeply ingrained aspect of your character. Here are nine tips to try:

  • The first step is acceptance. Admit you have a problem and enlist help.
  • Surround yourself with clocks (not just the one on your cell phone).
  • Bring something to read or occupy you, so if you arrive early, you don't feel like you're "wasting time."
  • Give yourself a handicap. If you're a bad estimator, double the time you think it will take to get there.
  • If you've never been where you're going, look up directions beforehand (not at the time you're supposed to be walking out the door).
  • Before you accept invitations for engagements, ask yourself if you really can, or want to, attend. If you're hesitant, perhaps it's better to politely decline than rudely arrive late.
  • Don't try to do too much. Keep a detailed schedule and don't be distracted by tasks not on it.
  • Fine yourself a dollar (to your piggy bank) for every minute you're late.
  • Hypnosis. Hey, it can't hurt, right?
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