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Netflix Twitter account and others defaced by OurMine hacking group

OurMine, the hacker collective that claimed responsibility for hacking the likes of celebrities Mark Zuckerberg, Keith Richards, and Marissa Mayer on Twitter over the summer, struck again Wednesday. The accounts of NFL Networks, Marvel, and Netflix were all hacked by the group, which tweeted out publicly from each organization’s account to offer a lesson in cybersecurity

“Hey, it’s OurMine, don’t worry we are just testing your security, contact us to tell you more about that,” read each of the messages posted from the organizations’ public Twitter accounts. 

Hacker collective OurMine attacked the NFL Network’s official Twitter account. Photo by Ry Crist/CNET

The messages didn’t have a long shelf life. The tweets from each account were deleted relatively quickly, with the NFL apparenlty regaining control of its account within 15 minutes of the hack, CNET reports

OurMine chatted with CNET over email and said that it was met with an automated message — “We detected unusual activity on your account” — every time it managed to hack one of the accounts. This could mean that Twitter has an automatic flagging system for hacks like this.

The group also suggested it doesn’t intend to stop. “We don’t know who is our next target,” OurMine told CNET.

These kinds of Twitter hacks are nothing new, and today’s were more benign than some attacks on celebrity accounts last summer, for instance. When Kylie Jenner’s account was hacked, some mocking messages were posted including one that read “I love being so famous with no talent.”

According to OurMine, their main purpose behind breaking into these accounts is to raise public awareness about cybersecurity. Back in July, one of the OurMine hackers reached out to ZDNet in an email: “We are just trying to let everyone know that nobody is safe!”

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