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NCAA Sends Message: No More Eye Black Messages

Tim Tebow in 2009. AP

In college, Tim Tebow was known for two things: his record-breaking play on the football field and the bible verses he wore on his eye black during games.

In fact, Florida fans urged everyone to wear eye black (with or without Bible verses on them) in honor of Tebow's final game in Gainesville.

Tebow may be the last to sport scripture on his cheeks after new NCAA measures were approved Thursday.

The NCAA rules panel announced that eye black with messages and wedge blocks will be banned in college football next season.

The panel also said that taunting penalties could cost teams points in 2011. The committee approved a proposal that will negate touchdowns for taunting, if the foul occurs before the player scores.

As's Dennis Dodd notes, the new taunting rule forces referees to make the ultimate judgment call.

"You can imagine the obvious complications ahead," Dodd says. "One man's taunting gesture is another man's no-call. Adding one more judgment call to the rulebook is asking for trouble, especially when a game is on the line."

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