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NBA guard Nate Robinson says he may play in NFL

Nate Robinson
Nate Robinson (3) of the Oklahoma City Thunder in a May 17, 2011 file photo. Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The NFL lockout has spurred some players to dabble in other pro sports: Ravens safety Tommy Zbikowski has ventured into the boxing ringwhile Bengals' wide receiver Chad Ochocinco has seemingly tried every sport under the sun.

So should we really be surprised that the NBA labor dispute has some pro basketball players weighing their athletic options?

Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Nate Robinson is doing just that - only for some reason he has targeted the other locked out pro sports league. That's right, Robinson is considering taking his talents to the NFL - that is, if the NBA lockout drags on and the football lockout is resolved.

"I might go play football," Robinson told "Do something that nobody's tried to do."

"If I can, I would love to play football a little bit," Robinson said. "I've been doing a little bit of training. Why wouldn't you want to have an NBA player that can play football try out? That's a lot of publicity for your organization."

He's right about the PR - Ochocinco has managed to generate plenty with his forays into soccer, NASCAR and bull riding. And unlike a few players who have played both football and baseball,'s Ben Golliver notes that an NFL/NBA experiment is unprecedented in the modern era because of concurrent schedules.

So is Robinson really serious?

Maybe. As Golliver notes, Robinson is no slouch at football. As a freshman, he played cornerback for the University of Washington, intercepting two passes and making 34 tackles. His father, Jacque Robinson, was a star running back for the Huskies and went on to play one season in the NFL.

To get a look at his skills, check out this highlight reel of Robinson starring on the gridiron during his high school days at Rainier Beach, uploaded to YouTube by user atlhawks3.