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Ochocinco gets 150-mph ride with Burton

Cincinnati Bengals football player Chad Ochocinco and NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Jeff Burton talk in victory lane after their high-speed laps in Burton's car at Atlanta Motor Speedway on Thursday, June 30, 2011. AP Photo/Paul Abell

(CBS/AP) Chad Ochocinco's bucket list (or NFL lockout list) is certainly eclectic.

Ballroom dancing: Check. Bull riding: Check. Pro soccer: Check.

What could possibly be next?

NASCAR, of course.

The adventurous and publicity-seeking Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver got a personal racecar driving lesson from Jeff Burton at the Atlanta Motor Speedway on Thursday (Scroll down to see video).

Burton not only gave Ochocinco a lesson in high-speed left turns but also a crash course in pit-stop protocol.

"This ranks right up there with the bull riding, man," Ochocinco said. "It's not until you actually get in a car with these guys, like today with Jeff Burton, that you realize how dangerous this sport is and the amount of skill it takes to run out there with other drivers.

"The pit crew was difficult. I tried to do some of the things that they've been doing, as far as changing tires and jack the car up. Other than that, it's difficult. Especially because I'm out of my element, but it was fun, it was a great experience."

Next? Ochocinco said he plans to wrestle an alligator in Florida.

"If you're not nervous, you're not living," he said. "I'm willing to try everything once."

Burton said he didn't try to scare his passenger on the high-speed turns around the speedway.

"You can't scare him," Burton said. "The man has ridden a bull. He runs routes across the middle of the field. He wants to wrestle an alligator. How do you scare an athlete like that?"

No word on whether Ochocinco convinced Burton to change his No. 31 team name to "Tres-Uno."

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