National Geographic show "Brain Games" challenging what you think you know about the mind

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(CBS News) The brain is the most complex organ in the human body -- it's also very easy to fool.

That's a theme of the program "Brain Games" on the National Geographic Channel, which uses experiments to challenge what we think we know about the brain.

Jason Silva, host of the program, gushed about the brain on "CBS This Morning," saying, "The brain is responsible for everything, you know, the man-made world, our magical smart phones that extend our thoughts, that help us transcend our thoughts through time and space and distance."

Among other things, Silva's show takes on a number of brain questions, including the differences between female an male minds. One show highlighted the differences between men and women in terms of spatial reasoning. The result?

Silva said, "We had two cars packed to the brim. We got a chance to empty them and see who could repack better. Because the male brains are said to have better spatial reasoning, men are supposed to pack the trunk better. ... That is exactly what we found, actually. In the majority of the cases, the men seem to be a little bit better."

And what about direction -- who has the better internal GPS, men or women? To find out, watch Silva's full interview above.

You can catch "Brain Games" on Monday nights on the National Geographic Channel.