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National Blonde Day - No Joke!

For those of you who don't know: Monday is National Blonde Day, in honor of the July 2 opening of what's set to be one of the summer's hottest movies, "Legally Blonde 2: Red, White And Blonde."

If you are a blonde, it is your day! Hair-care experts at Vidal Sassoon salons across North America are giving free "Flash of Blonde" hair color treatments.

You can get Reese Witherspoon's look at Sephora which is doing makeovers with Stila Cosmetics' "Legally Blonde 2" inspired color palettes. Also, O.P.I. will offer manicures with the film's inspired polishes.

To celebrate on The Early Show, co-anchor Hannah Storm wore Reese Witherspoon's pink outfit, a blonde wig and carried in a Fifi & Romeo dog carrier with a Chihuahua sporting a pink vintage cashmere.

Storm was not the only blonde though, makeover guru David Evagelista gave Heather Boyce, an Early Show viewer, a blonde makeover.

It took him eight hours to transform her from brunette to blonde. "Don't try it at home. It's a very lengthy process," Evangelista said noting you have to have the right complexion to look good as a blonde.

With the right skin tone, blue eyes and right attitude, Boyce was happy and ready to be a blonde. Her eyebrows didn't even need to be treated, Evangelista noted, they are natural. So why did she do it? Boyce said, "I thought, I have seen myself the same way for so long. To see myself in a new way would be just so great. It's summertime, the opportunity to just try something new. I couldn't pass it up."

And the New York City antiques buyer said the reaction has been "amazing." Boyce said people she has known for a year and a half did not recognize her. "Someone said, 'Tell your sister I have picture frames for her.' I was, like, 'It's me,'" Boyce said.

Now that she is a blonde, Boyce has to take care of her hair differently, Evangelista said, "Leave-in conditions are always a must. Before you go swimming. Before you go into a pool, rinse your hair with tap water. The iron will repel any chemicals."

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