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Natasha Bedingfield: Will and Kate have "magic"

Since 2004, singer songwriter Natasha Bedingfield has filled American airwaves with catchy hits like,"Pocket Full of Sunshine" and "Unwritten," a song that earned the South London native her first Grammy nomination.

In June, she begins a 29-city tour of the United States in support of her third album entitled, "Strip Me". The British beauty joined "The Early Show" at the Tower of London to perform her new single, "Weightless," and her huge hit, "Unwritten."

Bedingfield actually performed for Prince William and Kate Middleton back in 2007 at the Concert for Diana, which marked the 10th anniversary of her death.

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So what was the handsome prince like up close?

"Amazing. He's so sweet and charming," Bedingfield gushed. "He definitely has... you could definitely understand why people are so captivated by him and Kate. I met them both. They've got some kind of magic."

While the "magic" was still present between the two, they were going through a little bit of a split at that time.

"Did you notice sparks between them because they were on a break?" "Early Show" co-anchor Erica Hill asked.

"It was amazing. They were officially broken up there and everyone...there was all these rumors - every woman that he was in a picture with... suddenly people are like 'oh what's happening?' What people didn't see, they actually, I think they were closer together at that time, because I met her and I could see there was still a spark between them and how beautiful she was. Up close, she's very stunning."

Bedingfield thinks London is handling all the royal wedding hoopla and the invasion of over 1 million people very well indeed.

"I think it's wonderful, all eyes are on London. It's a great city. It should be wonderful and I feel flattered by all the attention," she says.

Bedingfield brings us back to her hit song, "Unwritten":

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