Naquia Catching, Calif. woman found fatally stabbed, stepfather a person of interest, report says

Naquia Catching, 22, found fatally stabbed at her Hawthorne home by her mother on September 25
CBS Los Angeles
Naquia Catching, 22, was found fatally stabbed at her Hawthorne, Calif. home on Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2013.
CBS Los Angeles

(CBS) HAWTHORNE, Calif. - Police say the stepfather of a 22-year-old woman who was found stabbed to death at her Los Angeles County home has been identified as a person of interest in connection with the woman's murder, according to CBS Los Angeles.

Naquia Catching was reportedly found dead by her mother on Wednesday night at the Hawthorne, Calif. home where the two lived with the victim's stepfather and a younger stepsister.

Catching was reportedly pronounced dead at the scene.

When the station asked about the stepfather being a person of interest, a family member said, "he called my aunt and told her he had a surprise for her. When she arrived home, she found her daughter with her neck sliced and on the floor."

Neighbors also told the station they could hear a woman scream from their homes.

Police have not released the stepfather's name.

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