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Nancy Pelosi proposes changes to House Democratic caucus

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is proposing changes to the House Democratic caucus that would allow for an expansion in elected positions and limits to those who hold leadership positions.

In a letter to her Democratic colleagues, the California Democrat said that a group of members helped come up with the changes, which signal an openness to promoting younger members.

The first would require each committee to create a vice chair or ranking member position that would be filled by someone who has been a committee member for no more than four terms. The second change would make the assistant Democratic leader position an elected position that could only be filled by a member who has served fewer than three terms.

The third change would make the Democratic Policy and Communications Chairmanship an elected position that could only be filled by a member who has served fewer than five terms. The last change would create five regional vice chairs, who would be elected by members of their region, to serve at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Pelosi also said it’s “essential” that Democrats take advantage of their power on congressional committees to “ensure a full disclosure of the impacts of legislation, executive actions and regulatory decisions by Republicans…”

She also warned that Democrats wouldn’t agree to an infrastructure bill that President-elect Donald Trump wants if it is a “corporate tax break disguised as an infrastructure bill.”

Responding to hints from Republicans that might try to target Medicare under the new Trump administration, Pelosi said Democrats must stay unified and stop them.

“If Speaker Ryan presses forward with his plans to end Medicare as we know it, we will stand firmly and unified to stop him – just as we did in 2005 when President Bush tried to privatize Social Security,” she said.

Pelosi is running to serve as Democratic leader again, but she faces a challenge from her colleague Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, who announced his bid last week.

House Democrats are scheduled to hold their leadership elections after Thanksgiving on Nov. 30.