Nancy Grace Lawsuit: Judge Rules Grace Can't Dodge Cameras in Melinda Duckett "Wrongful Death" Case

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ORLANDO, Fla. (CBS/AP) Smile for the cameras Nancy Grace!

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A judge has ruled that the talk show host can be videotaped while answering questions in the wrongful death suit of Melinda Duckett, a woman who killed herself shortly after taping a tough interview with Grace. But lawyers representing Duckett's family can't share the recording with "any third party" or disclose any portion of the testimony without the federal magistrate's permission.

Grace's lawyers wanted to bar the videotaping to spare Grace any embarrassment.

Photo: Melinda Duckett holds a picture of her missing son Trenton.

Duckett's family is suing the host of HLN, formerly CNN Headline News. They blame her for inflicting emotional distress on the 21-year-old Florida mother during an appearance on her talk show in 2006 after her son Trenton went missing.

Grace quickly zeroed in on the inconsistencies in Duckett's story.

"Where were you? Why aren't you telling us where you were that day? You were the last person to be seen with him," Grace asked Duckett.

Duckett shot herself to death the day the taped interview was scheduled to air.

Photo: Melinda Duckett with her son, Trenton.

The search for Duckett's missing son took strange turns including a series of self-made pornography videos in which the young mom was seen naked and a baby could be heard in the background.

Duckett also appeared naked next to a baby crib.

Photo: Melinda Duckett in a homemade erotic video.

At the time, investigators hoped the videos held clues to the boy's whereabouts, but they failed to find a link, reported CBS affiliate WKMG.

The boy remains missing and police still believe his dead mother is the prime suspect in his disappearance.

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