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NakedNews Hits The Airwaves

It begins like any other newscast, with the presenter in front of a blue backdrop, a tiny portable microphone curving in front of her mouth. A few minutes later, the microphone is all she wears.

Victoria Sinclair keeps a straight face as she reads the major stories of the day while stripping on, the Internet site “with nothing to hide.”

Launched just under two years ago with Sinclair as the single Webcaster, today has 12 presenters — eight women and four men — to attract more than 6 million “unique visitors” a month, said Kathy Pinckert, vice president of Naked Broadcasting Network Inc., which produces

Unique visitors are only counted once, no matter how many times they click on, so the figure is large in the Internet industry, almost two-thirds of the more than 9 million a month registered by CNN, Pinckert explained.

Now will increase its exposure by launching a 45-minute cable television news show on a pay-per-view station.

Naked News TV! debuts Friday on Viewer's Choice for $2.65 an episode. A new edition will become available each Friday.

Like the Web site, Naked News TV! will have nude presenters of both genders discussing news, business, sports, entertainment and other stories.

“Naked News is the first Internet news program to go from the Web to cable television,” Pinckert said. “We are genuinely excited to play a role, along with Viewer's Choice, in leading the convergence of the virtual world with the tangible world.”

William J. Clusters, the Viewers' Choice Canada director of programming and marketing, called “breakthrough programming” on the Internet that would be equally powerful on cable television with its combination of news and entertainment.

On the Web site Wednesday, entertainment seemed to be the focus. Sinclair began unbuttoning the top of her two-piece gray outfit during the first item, on the U.N. racism conference in South Africa. Next went the skirt, revealing frilly, dark blue lingerie.

She clasped her hands in front to introduce another story, then reached behind to undo and remove her bra. Before sliding down her panties, she took out a pin and shook loose her long brown hair.

Other segments featured already nude presenters simply standing and talking. The camera panned back to provide a full frontal shot with nothing covered.

“They are simply doing their job naked,” Pinckert said. “Clearly we have attractive people and clearly it is a draw. What keeps us alive and well, though, is the news content.”

She said the breakdown of visitors is about 80 percent men, 20 percent women, with most in the 18-34 age group known to avoid news programs. Now the goal is to bring that interest to cable television.

“The Internet is a valuable incubator for projects,” she said. “You can gain an instant audience.”

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