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Naked on Wall Street, performance artists arrested for exposing more than just bad finance

This symbolic bull wasn't the only species seen naked on Wall Street on Monday, Aug. 1, 2011 Wikipedia
(CBS/AP) NEW YORK - Some performance artists aiming to expose bad behavior on Wall Street apparently exposed a little too much of themselves in the process, and were arrested.

The two men and a woman were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct Monday morning outside the New York Stock Exchange.

Manhattan artist Zefrey Throwell organized the 5-minute social critique of Wall Street with dozens of volunteers acting like people at work. He says he didn't intend to provoke police and his target was U.S. and world financial institutions.

Among those arrested was Brooklyn personal trainer and performance artist Eric Clinton Anderson, who played a naked janitor outside the stock exchange's heavily guarded front door. He joked, "Somebody needs to clean up Wall Street."

Arrested with Anderson were another Brooklyn man and a Queens woman. Police say they created a public disturbance.