Nader Considering Another White House Run

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader, whose very name can rile up Democrats still stinging from Al Gore's narrow loss in the 2000 election, is flirting with what would be his third major run for the presidency. News reports indicate he's filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission and he's also launched a new Web site,

The site's launch comes on the same day as Democrat John Edwards' exit from the presidential race. Nader had kind words for Edwards previously, praising his progressive stance on a number of issues and his willingness to challenge corporate interests.

Nader's committee is asking for initial contributions of $300, for which the donor will receive DVDs of Michael Moore's documentary "Sicko," a documentary about Nader, "An Unreasonable Man," along with three books. A posting on the site says the exploratory committee hopes to enlist the support of 1,000 people in each congressional district.

"Maybe we're wrong," the site's main page says. "Maybe the Democrats and Republicans will nominate Presidential candidates this year who will stand up against the war profiteers, the nuclear industry, the credit card industry, the corporate criminals, big oil, and the drug and health insurance industries. We doubt it."

Nader's latest flirtation with a run is likely to be greeting with eye rolls from the many Democrats who believe that his presence on the Florida ballot in 2000 prevented Al Gore from overtaking George W. Bush in the state and, therefore, the electoral vote. They can take solace, however, in the fact that Nader's 2004 bid had nowhere near the following of his previous try, and he was largely a nonfactor in that race.