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Mysterious object removed from Rhode Island beach

WESTERLY, R.I. -- A mysterious object has been dug up and removed from the waters off a Rhode Island beach, CBS affiliate WPRI-TV reports.

Dozens of beachgoers gathered to watch an excavator remove the eight-legged metallic object on Thursday. It was the latest scheduled attempt after two were canceled over weather conditions.

The object was taken apart, loaded onto a truck and taken to an undisclosed location.

It was first discovered in August near popstar Taylor Swift's beachfront mansion, the Associated Press reports.

East Beach Association President Peter Brockmann told WPRI-TV that the object's removal hasn't resolved the public's questions. "Hopefully, the experts in this field will take a look at it, now that we have it out, and be able to identify it," he said.

Officials believe the object could be oceanographic equipment, but no one has claimed the device.

"Our best guess had been that it was the sea base of an acoustic Doppler profiler, which the scientists said are typically 4 or 5 feet long," Brockmann told the Westerly Sun. "But this appears to be about 8 to 10 feet."

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