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My Favorite College Blog Posts for 2009

Earlier this week, I shared the 10 most popular college blog posts that I wrote in 2009. While those posts included Favorite College Blog Postssome of my favorites, there were others that I liked that didn't get as much attention.

Here are posts that I particularly enjoyed writing:

Why Attending a Women's College is a Great Idea
I'm a huge believer in single-sex education. My sisters and I attended all-girls' high schools and so did my daughter. I think women's colleges represent a phenomenal education opportunity that too few teenagers consider.

Why Your Teen Needs a B Average
Way too much attention is focused on the superstar teenagers who sadly feel like failures if they earn a "A-" in AP Calculus. Frankly, the most important high school grade is a "B." Graduate from high school with at least a 3.0 GPA and you've got a good chance of doing just fine in college.

Studying Abroad: 7 Things Parents Need to Know
In this post, I write about what I've learned about studying abroad during the past few months as my daughter attended the University of Barcelona in Spain.

Free Tutoring For Your Teens
Too many parents focus on getting their teenagers into college without spending much time making sure their kids are actually ready for the rigor of college courses. Tutoring can help.

Are Ivy League Schools Fudging Their Numbers?
In this post, I explain how Ivy League schools are shamelessly trying to look better than they are in the classroom. Wish this post had gotten traction.

Is Harvard Going Broke?
Sorry, but I delight in reading stories that knock Harvard off its pedestal. The part about the hot breakfasts is really true!

How I graduated from Berkeley in 2 Years
Living out here in California, I can tell you that it's becoming much more difficult to graduate from state schools in four years. Read about a determined girl who did it in just two.

What College Will Look Like in 2020
In 10 years we probably won't recognize most colleges. The classic college experience will no longer be the norm.

Four Questions to Ask a College Counselor
It's scandalous that many counselors' knowledge about college admissions and financial aid strategies is limited. Here are questions that you can use to test your counselor's higher-ed IQ.

Lynn O'Shaughnessy is the author of The College Solution, an Amazon bestseller and she also writes a college blog for TheCollegeSolutionBlog.

Favorite college blog posts image by hollin.elizabeth. CC 2.0.

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