Music and technology collide (with sexy music bonus)

(CBS News) We love music here at The Feed. We also love technology. And when we happen to see these two things come together in a unique manner, you just know we're going to highlight it. So go ahead and watch two of our passions collide in the form of a demonstration of a CV controller for Modular Synthesizers with the musical and geek chic video above.

The odd but interesting demonstration video is entitled "The Magnetic Table: A CV controller for Modular Synthesizers" and was posted by YouTube user artoftravelogue who writes:

Here is a demonstration of a CV controller that I built. It is a simple pendulum with a magnet at the end. The magnets on the table can be moved and can either repel or attract the pendulum.

If you'd like to learn more about the device, you can go to an article on it by clicking here. And I promised a sexy music bonus, and I always deliver on my promises. Seeing that CBS broadcasts the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, it seems only right that I highlight the latest music video from Victoria's Secret that bring models and music together for a really fun time. Take a look and listen to the new Swim 2013 Angels & Artists video set to Bruno Mars' song "Locked Out of Heaven" below.