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Mukasey Moves Ahead, A Bit

The Senate Judiciary Committee received a questionnaire from Attorney General Nominee Michael Mukasey on Tuesday, a key step towards moving forward with a confirmation hearing.

Still, Senate Democratic leaders remained tight lipped about exactly when Mukasey’s nomination would be taken up by the committee and have yet to set a date for confirmation hearings.

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said he had “nothing new” to report on Tuesday when asked when the nomination would be taken up.

Republicans have been quick to seize on the delay, circulated a memo stating that former Attorney General Janet Reno was confirmed just 13 days after her nomination and that Benjamin Civiletti, was confirmed 12 days after his nomination for the same post by President Jimmy Carter.

Back in April, Schumer told Fox News Sunday that if Mukasey was the nominee, he thought they would be confirmed “very, very quickly.”