Mozilla CEO Bites Apple

Last Updated Mar 22, 2008 9:55 AM EDT

John Lilly, the CEO of open-source giant Mozilla, has called Apple's ethics into question. He claims Apple is sneaking its Safari browser onto PCs by tucking it into a software update for iTunes and Quicktime (when you go to update the two, a box to also download the new Safari 3.1 for Windows is checked by default).

Znet reported yesterday that Lilly lashed out at this "ride along software" on his blog, and claimed it "borders on malware distribution practices."

Whether or not this constitutes unethical practice has already created quite a debate online. What do you think?[poll id=26]Are you a Mac? Or a PC? Think this is one of those issues where it matters? Or got something else to say? Get involved in our comments section.

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