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MoveOn Opposes Senate Health Bill

The liberal grassroots group, which claims five million members, announced to its membership today that it is joining the liberal opposition to the Senate health care bill.

In an e-mail sent out today, the group is asking its supporters to sign a petition urging liberal senators like Bernie Sanders, the Independent from Vermont who has serious reservations about the bill, to block its passage.

"The latest Senate health care bill has no public option. No expansion of Medicare. And it does too little to guarantee that uninsured Americans will actually be able to afford the coverage they'll be required to purchase," the e-mail reads. "But it's not too late to fix the bill. And as Joe Lieberman has shown, just one senator willing to stand in the way can force legislation to be changed dramatically."

MoveOn says their members overwhelmingly support the House health care bill but oppose the Senate bill as it now stands. They also cite recent polls showing growing opposition to it among liberals generally -- "the very folks Democrats in Washington count on to volunteer and donate to their campaign," according to MoveOn.

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