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Motorists see relief at the pump as gas prices drop

Harvey's impact on gas prices

Drivers across the country are getting some relief at the pump, thanks to continuing recovery efforts after Hurricane Harvey.

The average price of a gallon of regular-grade gasoline fell 7 cents nationally over the past two weeks, to $2.62. Hurricane Harvey had pushed prices higher after dropping a record amount of rainfall and wreaking havoc on refineries along the Gulf Coast, leading some motorists to worry about a gas shortage. 

The drop in gas prices comes as flooded refineries continue to come back online after devastation caused by Harvey, industry analyst Trilby Lundberg of the Lundberg Survey said Sunday. 

Motorists may continue to see lower prices in the coming weeks, as Lundberg says she expects prices will continue to fall.

Last week, the AAA said Midwestern states were benefitting the most, with gas prices plunging by "double-digits" in states including Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. 

Gas in San Francisco was the highest in the contiguous United States at an average of $3.18 a gallon. The lowest was in St. Louis at $2.19 a gallon.

The U.S. average diesel price is $2.51, down 2 cents from two weeks ago.

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