Most dramatic slow-motion water balloon fight ever

(CBS News) It's Friday! And what better way to kick off a Friday then by getting wet -- or at least by watching other people get wet. As part of YouTube's Geek Week, The Slow Mo Guys instigate a water-balloon flight with 1500 people! Talk about getting doused. Hit up the video above to see what happens when two guys are pegged by thousands of water balloons.

Did this give you any ideas for your hot August weekend? Maybe organize your own thousand-person water balloon fight? I can't say that's high on my list, but I did enjoy watching these guys get pelted over and over, and over and over -- in slow motion, nonetheless.

The agonizingly slow shots and dramatic music only serve to make this one of the most epic fights ever captured on film. Which is why we've covered these slow-mo masters on The Feed almost as many times as they got hit by balloons in this video (well not really, but close). For even more fun, be sure to check out their YouTube page.